Specialized works for the petroleum industry
fuel tank parks with capacity of 200 to 50 00m3; application of roll and sheet techniques;
pipelines of various diameter;
liquid gas pipelines;
compressor and pumping stations;
railway and roadway overpasses
  • Petroleum base Ilientsi
  • Petroleum base Karnobat
  • Petroleum baseOtmaly
  • Bourgas - Sofia petroleum products main pipeline - diameter of 350 mm, length 350 km;
  • Otmaly port - Neftochim Petro-chemical Plant three-way petroleum pipeline, diameter of 400 mmand 500 mm, length of 33 km;
  • Neftochim Petro-chemical Plant - Otmaly port propylene and gasoline pipelines with various diameters and overall length exceeding 100 km;
  • Bourgas - Devnya ethylene pipeline, diameter of 500 mm, length of120 km.
  • Liquid gas pipeline to Neftochim and Bourgas thermoelectric power plant, diameter of 500 mm, length of 22 km;
  • Crude petroleum and petroleum products tank parks, implemented application of the roll technique, capacity of 200 000 m3;
  • Pumping sations more than 100 units.